Merdeka Day Celebrated with Homegrown Apps from Malaysia

Microsoft Malaysia is celebrating the month of August by paying homage to locally made apps leading up to ‪Merdeka Day with ‪#‎31AppsMadeInMalaysia.

Every day for 31 days, one made-in-Malaysia app that is available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone will be featured.

These great apps demonstrate the creativity, drive and inherent potential that exists within our local developer ecosystem. In partnership with homegrown developers, Microsoft worldwide is now looking at over 100,000 apps in the Windows Store, driving more than 200 million monthly downloads, while our Windows Phone marketplace now features more than 160,000 apps.

The first local app we are featuring is the MyTeksi, available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone! (Download it now and enjoy the promotion we are having!)

MyTeksi came about to drive change and improve lives – resulting in Malaysia's fastest taxi-booking app, giving passengers speed, certainty and safety in their taxi rides. The MyTeksi app enables passengers to book and reconfirm taxis more efficiently, along with numerous value-added functionalities. Booking a taxi is now at the touch of your fingers: using the user’s current location with Bing Maps, the app highlights the number of taxis around the vicinity, estimated journey distance and taxi fare. The taxi confirmation is also synchronized across all the devices under the user’s Microsoft account, allowing the user to swap from the various different Windows form factor devices!

“As the first app in the country to use smartphone-based technologies for taxi booking and dispatch, we are very pleased to provide Windows and Windows Phone users with the convenience and features of the MyTeksi app through the Windows Store,” said Aaron Gill, Product & Technical Lead.

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