Microsoft Supports TechSoup Asia Launches in Indonesia & Vietnam

Microsoft has broadened their partnership with TechSoup to facilitate software donation for non-governmental organisations (NGOs), extending the TechSoup Asia partner network to Indonesia and Vietnam. Nonprofits in these two countries can now gain easier access to Microsoft products and other technology that will help them build their information technology (IT) infrastructure and enhance their ability to achieve their mission.

Under the software donation scheme, qualified NGOs are able to acquire a wide range of donated and discounted technology products at a nominal administrative fee, which is only a small percentage of the estimated retail price. NGOs will also receive specific guidance for choosing, implementing and utilising the Microsoft product donations.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Microsoft to launch TechSoup Asia in Indonesia and Vietnam. With this launch, we will be bringing to life a nonprofit collaborative venture that will deliver technology and other capacity-building donations to the NGO and charity sector in these two countries in a more streamlined way than ever before — providing NGOs with the necessary resources to address social challenges,” said Mike Yeaton, Vice President of TechSoup Asia.

The Indonesia launch took place on 15 May at NGO Connection Day 2013, co-organised by Microsoft Indonesia and the ASEAN Foundation in Jakarta. As a strategic partner, Microsoft will be supporting TechSoup Asia in delivering services and programmes that contribute to social and economic developments in Indonesia.

Andreas Diantoro, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia, said, “We are very excited to see the launch of TechSoup Asia in Indonesia. Since 2000, Microsoft has donated $6 million worth of software to more than 150 NGOs in the country. The partnership with TechSoup will enable us to help many more, and the TechSoup Asia launch is designed to make the programme more relevant and accessible to a larger number of nonprofits.”

The TechSoup Asia programme was also the highlight at the second NGO Connection Day in Vietnam, held in Hanoi on 29 May. More than 100 NGO representatives attended the event to discuss the use of technology and Microsoft’s role in providing NGOs with improved access to technology resources.

“The challenges faced by NGOs in Vietnam are similar to others around the world. While this sector in Vietnam is still nascent and requires a lot of support from the public and private sectors, the NGOs here are being asked to improve productivity but reducing their costs. Our technology support helps them deliver more efficient services to the communities they serve. Through this support, Microsoft aims to make a positive contribution and improve the lives in the communities in which we work,” said Clair Deevy, Citizenship Lead of Microsoft Asia Pacific, during the event.

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