Innovate for Good: Bridging the Opportunity Divide with IT in Thailand

Microsoft Thailand collaborated with the National Council for Children and Youth Development (NCYD) to host an Innovate for Good event in Bangkok in April.

More than 80 young people —including beneficiaries from various Microsoft programmes, youth representatives from non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and young Microsoft employees — came together during the event to discuss the use of technology to bridge the opportunity gap for youth.

As part of the Microsoft YouthSpark programme, the Thailand edition of Innovate for Good is aimed at helping young people transform their innovative ideas into viable social ventures. During the event, Microsoft technology, such as Kinect® and Office 365™, were showcased to demonstrate how they can be best utilised. Participants were also given the opportunity to interact with social entrepreneurs and developers and received valuable feedback on how to refine their projects.                                      

Taritha Satarn, one of the event participants, said, “Innovate for Good is a great platform to network with our peers and share ideas on the development of social projects through technology, such as how to eradicate poverty and address other common social issues in Thailand.”

Many creative ideas were shared and discussed among the participants, with 13 projects chosen to be further developed. Some of these projects include:

  • ‘Political Dashboard’, a tool that helps raise awareness of public policies and issues to counter corruption in developing countries
  • ‘Wheel-Go-Round’, an online platform that provides information on wheelchair-friendly locations to enable disabled and the elderly to move around more freely  
  • ‘Smart Recycle Box’, a project aimed at promoting recycling efforts by estimating the cost savings generated for different types of recycled materials

These project ideas will also be showcased on the Innovate for Good Online Community where youth can share their experiences in using technology to make a difference in their communities. This online community will be the main platform that will bring to life the expertise, advice and lessons learned that Microsoft has to share with
young people around the world — to inspire and support them as they work to create and drive social change. 

Siriporn Pajharawat, Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) Director, Microsoft Thailand, said, “Socially conscious youth are playing an increased role in addressing social issues and driving social change in Thailand. Innovate for Good is designed to support these young people in their endeavours to make a positive contribution to their communities, and is part of our commitment to facilitate youth-oriented innovation around the world.”

Learn more about Microsoft's Innovate for Good and YouthSpark programmes.

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