Fostering Social & Economic Development with AppsForAsia

Asian Development Bank and Microsoft Corp. will showcase the Apps For Asia-Redesigning Development Programme at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

“AppsForAsia is a great showcase of the power of technology and the role it can play in fostering social and economic development,” said Bindu N Lohani, vice president for Knowledge Management and Sustainable Development, ADB.

The AppsForAsia programme included a series of national developer events in Australia, India, Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines. Of the 100 apps submitted, only the top three from each country are exhibited at the ADB’s 46th annual meeting in Delhi.

AppsForAsia contestants built new apps addressing a wide range of issues, including how to manage blood donor networks, help match youth with potential employers, coordinate indigenous housing projects, promote crime prevention and address diabetes management.

ADB provided guidance on regional economic, social and development priorities to assist and inspire program participants, while Microsoft provided training and access to platforms, spanning devices and cloud services, which enabled developers to create innovative Windows Azure, Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps.

To learn more about the programme and the winning apps, please go to the Apps For Asia website.

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