YouthSpark Profile: Mickey Chiu

This is part of a series of YouthSpark profiles where we highlight young people in Asia who are dedicated to changing the world through technology, and inspiring others along the way.







A student at Shih Hsin University, Mickey Chiu participated in Microsoft’s internship programme during his first year of university. Mickey put the learning experience gained during his internship stint to good use — coming up trumps in last year’s Microsoft Community Star competition with an idea based on the use of Windows 8 devices to connect with remote communities. Today, Mickey is a certified Microsoft trainer for Windows 8 and Office for Mac 2011.

Tell us one exciting thing that you have been working on in the past 3–6 months?
My work partner and I took part in the Microsoft Community Star competition last year. Our team’s idea was to visit some of the more far-flung areas in Taiwan, bringing along the latest Windows 8 devices to foster a stronger bond with children from remote communities. Our goal is to introduce the latest computing technology at their schools, and we are greatly encouraged by how well our project was embraced by both the students and their teachers.

What are some of the challenges facing youth today that concern you the most?
From the perspective of being a student, one of the biggest challenges we face is in identifying sources of funding support that will enable us to realise our ideas. We have to be more resourceful in our approach. For example, my teammate and I learned to make extensive use of Facebook as our platform to promote and garner public support for our project.

If you had the ability to create one change in the world what would that be and how can technology help you achieve this change?
I would like to set up a television channel dedicated to highlighting the issues faced by underprivileged people in Taiwan, especially orphaned children who lack the advantage of growing up in a proper  family environment. As computing technology becomes more sophisticated, there is a great opportunity to tap on social media and smartphone applications to mobilise support and raise donations for people in need.

I aspire to... be more creative. My mother is a painter and a great source of inspiration in my life, helping me realise that we need to always make the most of our creative ideas.

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