Nonprofits Pioneer Apps for Windows Phone

Special thanks to Heather Mansfield, principal blogger at Nonprofit Tech 2.0. For the full list of 11 nonprofits from her original post, please go here.

When nonprofits launch, or consider launching, a smartphone app, most would first create an iPhone or Android app. While launching a third version of a smartphone app is rare, the release of Windows 8 in October 2012 for computers, tablets and Windows Phone, adding a third option to a nonprofit's suite of apps is becoming more common. 

Here are a few examples of nonprofits pioneering apps for Windows Phone, placing them in a stellar position to reap the benefits of early adoption.

1. United Nations News App


2. Oxfam App


3. National Geographic Society App

Want to create an app for your nonprofit? Now's the time to take your great ideas and start creating apps for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The Windows Dev Center has all of the resources you need to create a Windows app and submit it to the Windows Store. You can download all of the necessary tools and software development kits (SDKs), view sample codes on how to plan and build great apps.

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