YouthSpark Profile: Nur Nadiah Bte Zailani

This is part of a series of YouthSpark profiles where we highlight young people in Asia who are dedicated to changing the world through technology, and inspiring others along the way.







Inspired by their shared passion for innovative ideas and community services, Nur Nadiah Binte Zailani and her fellow students from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) collaborated to create a software application aimed at improving the lives of the elderly. The software application was developed to help address dementia, a key health issue faced by the aged, by streamlining its therapy process. The innovative concept clinched Nadiah’s team a spot in the 2012 Imagine Cup Worldwide Finals — the only polytechnic team from Singapore to successfully advance to the second round of the Finals.

Tell us one exciting thing that you have been working on in the past 3 – 6 months.
Participating in the Imagine Cup was definitely a memorable experience, especially in getting together with my Imagine Cup team members from another faculty to develop the Dementia Assistance Recall Engine (DARE) application. (My team members Koh Kai Wei, Eustace Zheng Xiangwen, Mong Yunheng are from the School of Information Technology, while I’m from the School of Health Sciences.) We plan to further conduct clinical trials for this software application.

What are some of the challenges facing youth today that concern you the most?
Young people around the world face considerable educational disparity due to the differences in background and learning capabilities. I believe we should try to provide equal opportunities for all to gain access to education or to pick up relevant skills. There is also a growing concern about the effects of stress on young people, caused by peer pressure, family issues and academic pursuits.

If you had the ability to create one change in the world, what would that be and how can technology help you achieve this change?
One change I hope to make would be to facilitate more effective communications between people around the world — in spite of significant barriers such as language and geography. While technology has proven to be effective in facilitating communications, I think more can be done in terms of understanding each other and gaining fresh perspectives on the social challenges we face.

I aspire to... lead a life that is full of purpose, and to continue helping those who are in need. I hope to be able to contribute something that has a long-lasting, positive impact on the world.

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