Knowledge Sharing and Capacity Building: Thailand NGO Connection Days

Microsoft Thailand is committed to spearheading capacity building within the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) sector in Thailand by demonstrating how the company’s technology can help NGOs collaborate more efficiently and improve outreach to local communities. The 8th NGO Connection Day, held on 29 May in Bangkok, was attended by more than a hundred representatives from 77 NGOs

The 8th NGO Connection Day, hosted in partnership with the Kenan Institute Asia, TechSoup Asia, the Asian Development Bank and Nokia Private Limited, was attended by more than a hundred representatives from 77 NGOs. 

During the event, Microsoft and its partners illustrated how technology could suit the needs of different NGOs. Birathon Kasemsri Na Ayudhaya, past Managing Director, Microsoft Thailand, also shared with the audience its “We Make 70 Million Lives Better” vision. Microsoft aims to help Thai NGOs develop their skills in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in order to reach more beneficiaries effectively and cost efficiently. 

Another highlight of the NGO Connection Day in Bangkok was the successful Thailand launch of TechSoup Asia, an organisation that delivers technology and other capacity development resources to NGOs. A total of 31 NGOs registered with TechSoup during the event, the highest number recorded in a single instance since TechSoup Asia’s launch in Southeast Asia. 

“There were lots of useful demonstrations and opportunities during the event for NGOs to learn about Microsoft’s support and collaboration efforts,” said Manisa Piyasingh from the Distance Learning Foundation, Thailand, at the Bangkok NGO Connection Day. 

Besides supporting NGOs in Bangkok, Microsoft has also held NGO Connection Day seminars in other provinces in Thailand. These events are aimed at highlighting the relevance and application of advanced technology to help NGO staff members improve their performance and work efficiency. 

In September, Microsoft hosted 37 NGO participants in Khon Kaen, marking the first time the event has been held in one of the north-eastern provinces of Thailand. Organised in collaboration with Kenan Institute Asia, the NGO Connection Day in Khon Kaen brought together professionals and industry experts to share insights into the use of Microsoft® Office 365™ to create professional documentation, analyse and make sense of data and develop compelling presentations. 

NGOs at the Khon Kaen event are each helping to improve the lives of Thai people in different ways, such as through providing more education opportunities to disadvantaged youth, conserving the environment and improving healthcare standards in underprivileged communities. 

Nakarin Tuiduang, coordinator of Children’s Livelihood Development Programme for ChildLife, said, “In our daily work, we need to collect the information of HIV affected children in 30 sub-districts from five districts, in coordination with our network teams from different organisations. Previously we only knew how to write reports on paper or use basic computer programmes. After learning how to use Microsoft SharePoint®, we are able to share updated information within the network. And, in cases of emergency which require prompt responses, we can submit the case files of HIV affected children to related organisations and provide access to all relevant information instantly.” 

“We have organised a number of successful NGO Connection Days in Bangkok to support good causes that benefit the people of Thailand. Extending the concept of NGO Connection Day to other provinces is a reflection of Microsoft’s continued commitment to the NGO and charity sector throughout the country,” concluded Supahrat Juramongkol, Microsoft Citizenship Thailand. 

“There were lots of useful demonstrations and opportunities during the event for NGOs to learn about Microsoft’s support and collaboration efforts.”

- Manisa Piyasingh, Distance Learning Foundation, Thailand

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