Hong Kong’s Crossroads Foundation Enhances Operations with Microsoft Software

Hong Kong-based nonprofit organisation Crossroads Foundation serves global need by linking those who are in need with those who can provide help by providing an intersection, literally a crossroads, to bring both together. Learn more about the four global crossroads services. The Foundation is now using Microsoft SQL Server® Reporting Services (SSRS) as the platform to develop interactive, highly sophisticated reports to improve work productivity across its operations.

Crossroads Foundation’s projects are aimed at addressing a wide range of global needs, and the sheer amount of work data and information generated — from volunteering statistics to data pertaining to donation pipelines — can span up to nearly a dozen key data repositories. The nonprofit organisation required a database and reporting system that would enable its staff to build unified reporting dashboards for the entire organisation and automate key reporting processes.

“Microsoft’s SSRS enables us to run our operations more effectively by addressing some of the key challenges we previously faced with manual reporting processes,” said Matthew Gow, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Crossroads Foundation. “Previously, we found that most of our data was not properly visualised in our reports, for instance, and this often resulted in them being under-utilised. SSRS provided us with the right tools to create and manage reports that are engaging and professionally presented.”  

With a clearer understanding of their data, Crossroads now gains better insight into volunteering statistics and behaviour, their stock and donations pipelines, and sales reports for their Fair Trade café and handicrafts businesses. Better data translates into better management of Crossroads’ various programmes and business lines. Mr Gow estimates that Crossroads Foundation is now able to save more than 300 hours of labour effort annually through its more streamlined reporting processes. The SSRS platform also allows its staff to generate reports in a wide variety of formats such as PDF or emails that can be readily accessed on mobile devices.

SSRS is available to Crossroads Foundation through Microsoft’s technology donation programme TechDonation in Hong Kong, which is managed by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services. The donation programme is aimed at helping nonprofit organisations maximise their existing information technology (IT) infrastructure and investments.

 "By making use of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, Crossroads Foundation has realised substantial productivity gains and visibility into our operations without additional investment in technology.”

- Matthew Gow, CTO, Crossroads Foundation

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