Improving Volunteer Management with Cloud Computing

While many private and public businesses are moving towards cloud computing to improve internal processes and reduce cost burdens, most non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Hong Kong are still lacking in terms of knowledge of cloud-based solutions. 

To empower more NGOs to start adopting cloud technologies, Microsoft Hong Kong recently launched the “Cloud Unlimited for a Better Hong Kong” programme at the 8th NGO Day, held on 30 May at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The programme is a multi-year commitment to help people and organisations in Hong Kong benefit from the latest cloud computing technology, and improve productivity and collaboration under a secured environment.

As part of this programme, Microsoft also launched the Volunteer Management System (VMS), the first ever tailor-made, cloud-based system for NGO volunteer management. Based on Microsoft® Dynamics CRM Online and developed in collaboration with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), the launch of the VMS service is aimed at helping NGOs offload some of the manpower, time and cost burdens associated with maintaining information technology (IT) infrastructure security and managing their volunteer databases.

Individual NGOs can further customise the VMS to meet their specific volunteer management needs. Other benefits of the VMS service include increased productivity with updated enterprise-grade CRM capabilities, reduced manpower burden and more affordable IT infrastructure.

Doris Yan, Coordinator of Chain of Charity Movement, is optimistic about the use of VMS. “This cloud-based system empowers more people to understand our cases so as to encourage them to serve those in need. Besides, the VMS allows us to have prompt screening and successful matching, which enables us to effectively allocate volunteers according to their available time slots and service expertise to help the elderly and disabled who are in need of our services,” said Ms Yan.

NGO Day is an annual event held by Microsoft and HKCSS to help NGOs in Hong Kong enhance service delivery to the community by harnessing the power of IT. This year’s event was attended by more than 250 representatives from Hong Kong’s public, private and NGO sectors.

“While cloud computing adoption is still in its early stages among NGOs in Hong Kong, some NGOs have become early adopters with our support and are already enjoying enhanced security and productivity, with  much less required in terms of manpower and costs,” said Peter Yeung, General Manager of Microsoft Hong Kong. 

“This cloud-based system developed by Microsoft empowers more people to understand our cases so as to encourage them to serve those in need.”

- Doris Yan, Coordinator of Chain of Charity Movement

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