Dream. Build. Launch. NDP Special and MSP Kick-off

 By Jason Chee, Microsoft Student Partner

 Jason is a contributing writer and a Windows Phone enthusiast who is very interested in Microsoft technologies. He has developed apps for Windows Phone and is now working on Windows 8. Jason loves new equipment and software that makes everyday life 20% cooler and faster.

Editor’s Note: In view of the Microsoft Surface announcement, Microsoft Singapore recently organized a series of Hack Weekends to help developers and designers get started with Window 8 Development in three simple steps: Dream. Build. Launch. Read all about the National Day special Hack Weekend that was hosted in Singapore in August as seen through the eyes of Jason Chee. To read more posts like this visit http://spiffy.sg/.   


We had a very special HackWeekend on National Day which saw several quality apps and the first meet up of the year for the Microsoft Student Partners team. It was definitely an amazing experience to have a chat with the mixture of developers and students with a flow of brilliant ideas, with everyone mingling with each other.

The day started off with the Microsoft Student Partner Kick-off for FY13, where we were introduced to the responsibilities and perks of a MSP by Yizhe, our Academic Developer Evangelist.

After the briefing, we had a short prize presentation to our Champ Programme Graduates who all received Xbox 360 consoles.

We then had an amazing buffet lunch and time to talk with each other in preparation for Dream. Build. Launch. Terence also brought us all on a tour of the Microsoft Technology Center.

Once that was over, we had a Live Telecast of the Singapore National Day Parade where everyone gathered around the screens that were set up while we ate dinner.

As the day drew to a close, we had a brilliant view of the National Day fireworks from our window.


During Hackevents, Microsoft Student Partners create and present their app ideas after development, like the participant above who developed eZ-MRT, an app that helps you decide the quickest route
to take on the MRT train.


Our Hackweekends are coming to a close – but you can still work on your Windows 8 applications. Look out for our upcoming events!

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