Kinect for Xbox 360 is for Everybody

At Microsoft, we believe that interactive entertainment should be enjoyed by as many people as possible. We recognize that each person has unique abilities and not all users will be able to play all of the titles available for Kinect for Xbox 360 because of the inherent physical nature of the gameplay. A number of titles available for Kinect for Xbox 360 can be played by users with various physical and sensory impairments.

Currently, the ability for Kinect to work with seated users is largely dependent on the actual game itself, as some games are more accommodating of seated gameplay than others. A few Kinect game titles currently available that work while seated include:

In addition to the games above, you may want to try a title called Happy Action Theater, which is a game that can be downloaded through the Xbox Live Arcade and features several scenes in which users are featured in various environments, such as a room full of pop-able balloons or a dance club in which each player can take his or her turn in the spotlight.

You may also have some success with some of the games within Kinect Fun Labs. Depending upon your range of motion, you may also be able to play some of the games within Kinect Sports 2, as well. I would suggest downloading the demos of any of these titles that might interest you, so that you may try them out and confirm that you are able to use them before purchasing them.

There are unique challenges for the Kinect tracking system while a user is seated.  Here are some tips that may improve your ability to use Kinect for Xbox 360 while seated in your wheelchair:

  • Smaller wheelchairs (basic hospital-style chairs or racing chairs) work best with Kinect.
  • Shiny surfaces can cause minor problems for the Kinect infrared camera, so you may want to consider covering any reflective surfaces on the chair.
  • Ideally, the Kinect sensor should be positioned at seated chest level or slightly higher for best recognition when seated; do not have the sensor lower than seated chest level.
  • If there are any armrests on the chair that are large and protruding, try repositioning these arms out of the sensor’s view, as the sensor may mistake them for another set of arms.
  • Be sure that the room in which you are playing has adequate lighting.

In an effort to continually improve the Kinect experience, we actively seek feedback from the accessibility community on how we can improve our Kinect and Xbox technology for all users. We continue to use this feedback as we work on future versions of Kinect technology. We have made technical improvements since Kinect technology was first released, broadening our gameplay to include some players who were previously unable to enjoy Kinect. As new technologies like Kinect for Xbox 360 become available, improvements based on feedback can be made with each new edition released.

More information on Kinect and access can be found here. And, for more on Microsoft and accessibility, please go here.

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