Fostering Better Collaboration on NGO Connection Day 2012

For the first time, a Thailand NGO Connection Day was held at Hat Yai, Songkhla, in Southern Thailand on 28 and 29 February. Sixty-nine participants from 31 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) registered with the Songkhla Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office attended the seminar at Asian HadYai Hotel. These participants consisted of management representatives, information technology (IT) specialists and operation staff.

During a seminar session, Mr Anusorn Koysataya, Social Development Expert, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, reiterated the vision of the government in supporting the NGOs and emphasized the significant role of technology in communication. Thereafter, various representatives from Microsoft illustrated the relevance and applications of technology to the participants.

The Microsoft representatives shared their insights on the importance of cloud computing and encouraged NGOs to tap on more advanced technology in order to improve their work performance and efficiency. An example of a useful technological tool is the public cloud, which includes Microsoft Live@edu, SkyDrive®, Windows Live® Group and Hotmail®.

Mrs Supahrat Juramongkol, Acting Community Affairs Manager of Microsoft Thailand, presenting cloud computing concepts and technologies to NGO representatives.

In addition, the Microsoft representatives provided participants with guidance on how Microsoft® Cloud Service can ease their work management, and shared advanced tips for Microsoft® Office 2010 software such as Microsoft® Word and Microsoft PowerPoint®. They also taught these participants how to install Windows® 7 applications and provided information resources for disabled people.

At the culmination of the seminar, Microsoft invited the participants to be part of its software donation program. Many of the participants showed interest in this program, with Microsoft receiving several enquiries regarding the criteria and procedures. Based on the survey regarding the seminar, the participants felt that it had allowed them to gain new technological insights and skills that will help in increasing work effectiveness. 

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