Defying Boundaries at Microsoft House for Learning

Realizing that many secondary students and other underserved people do not have the luxury of access to information technology, Microsoft, in cooperation with Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), opened a Community Technology Center called Rumah Belajar Microsoft (Microsoft House for Learning) in Seasons City, Jakarta, earlier in 2011. Microsoft Indonesia provides computer-based educational materials with various Microsoft programs that enable the Center to deliver affordable and accessible learning to underprivileged students of all ages.

Samsul Arif, a 24 year-old high school graduate, had always wanted to learn how to utilize a computer and obtain basic office skills. While selling bread on his bicycle one day, he came across Rumah Belajar Microsoft and decided to enroll. “Here the opportunities are laid open for me. My desire to learn is fulfilled, especially with the flexibility it gives me,” he said. Not owning a computer himself, he was grateful for the chance he obtained at Rumah Belajar to learn and enhance his skills.

For 20 year-old Yani, being a housemaid is not a career choice she hopes to settle for. After learning that a junior high diploma was not attractive enough in the current job market, she decided to obtain the necessary skills to have a chance for an administrative job in the future. With her newly acquired computer skills, Yani is now finishing her high school diploma.

Rumah Belajar Microsoft offers three courses per year, attracting up to 250 students each term. Students can obtain certificates issued by Bina Nusantara University, which has been working in cooperation with Microsoft since 2004. Graduates of these courses are also provided access to jobs in a bi-yearly job exposition held in cooperation with and other partners.

To date, Microsoft Indonesia has supported more than 120 Community Technology Centers across the country and trained over 2.7 million people under its Community Technology Skills Programs.

The ability to move forward has given hope to those who believe that they can move forward and achieve once unattainable goals.


“The young generation needs to think forward. I don’t want to be left behind, I want to move forward.”
-  Samsul Arif, high school graduate

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