Microsoft Helps Ensure Cyber Safety of Children

Microsoft Taiwan teamed up with a leading Taiwanese non-profit organization, Child Welfare League Foundation (CWLF), to conduct a survey among children to discover the threat of potential Internet risks. Results of the survey were unveiled on 12 July 2011 during a press conference that was attended by journalists, representatives from non-governmental organizations, a government officer and a psychologist.

The results found that out of the 1,474 Taiwanese fifth and sixth graders surveyed, one out of ten showed symptoms of Internet addiction disorder, while approximately half of them played games that are deemed unsuitable for their age group.

The survey also raised concerns that children may be increasingly addicted to the Internet, be exposed to mature content such as pornography or fall prey to Internet scams. Many parents exhibit a lack of understanding of these potential dangers, or the tools required to safeguard children’s safety.

In response to this problem, Microsoft Taiwan offered free downloads of the Windows Live™ Family Safety program. This program helps parents manage the amount of time their child spends on the Internet and the content to which the child is exposed.

“With Windows Live™ Family Safety, parents can better guide their children on managing online activities,” said Wang Xiufen, a Senior Vice President of Public Affairs from Microsoft Taiwan.

Following the press event, Microsoft Taiwan distributed 10,000 free software manuals to CWLF, Taiwan Internet Content Rating Promotion Foundation (TICRF), End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism Taiwan (ECPAT) and 100 Windows 7 retailers. These manuals contain information on the usage of the Windows Live Family Safety program.

In addition, Microsoft Taiwan organized a “Family Safety Service” program on 16 and 17 July to teach parents how to install and use the program. The two-day event was held in the Northern, Central and Southern parts of Taiwan.

Wang Yumin from CWLF commented, “The use of software tools gives parents not only the knowledge on how to protect their children online, but they can also feel more secure about monitoring their Internet activity.”

“With Windows Live™ Family Safety, parents can better guide their children on managing online activities.”
-  Wang Xiufen, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, Microsoft Taiwan

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