Weekend Reading: Feb. 21st Edition — Your personal cloud is now OneDrive, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to add marketing capabilities

In this edition of Weekend Reading, we’ve got stories about free cloud storage OneDrive being globally available, Microsoft Dynamics CRM adding more capabilities to deliver even better customer service, and new and updated Bing apps for Windows Phone. Who knew moving day could be so easy? Microsoft’s free cloud storage, OneDrive, became available this week….


Microsoft aviation technology flies high at the Singapore Airshow

The following post is from Susan Hauser, corporate vice president, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft. This week, we are onsite at the Singapore Airshow to announce the latest in airline innovation in collaboration with our partners. Airlines around the world face tough competition, thin margins, increased passenger expectations and, as a result, are seeking new…


Three things retailers need to do now to transform their businesses with technology

The following post is from Susan Hauser, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft. Next week at the National Retail Federation Big Show (NRF), Microsoft will show how technology is changing the retail industry and outline three things retailers need to do to take advantage of those technological innovations. While at NRF, we will…


A Better Way to Get Home

Today, Microsoft announced an agreement with 24/7 Inc. which I believe will redefine what customer service looks like. We’ve come a long way towards improving everyday life using technology, but there is always more we can do. The modern consumer, and I count myself in these ranks, is evolving with the technology we use. Customer…


Microsoft’s Support Sets Us Apart

I’ve found that most customers think about the services and support offerings available for a product only when they truly need it. Support is often “out of sight, out of mind” for many customers. But, as the leader of Microsoft’s customer service and support team,  I know through my conversations with friends, family, and with…

Musings on Customer Support in a 140 Character World

It’s always nice when the company you ordered your brother’s birthday gift from includes a pre-printed return label in case you need to exchange the shirt for another size. Being able to buy movie tickets online, well before the lines amass for a Saturday night showing of the latest blockbuster, is also a great amenity….