Jamming at the corner of Cloud and Mobile

Editor's note: The following is a post by Jennifer Warnick, a writer for microsoft.com/stories.

No matter what generation she hails from, or whether you meet her on instant message, on horseback, or on stage speaking at a tech convention – Miranda Luna is a force.

The 23-year-old, who typically dresses in jeans and a leather jacket, has long, brown hair and sports a massive smile – sports it most of the time, in fact. Luna works as a product marketing manager for the services in Windows Azure that help with mobile app development, which is a job titlese way of describing how she helps mobile developers of all stripes (iOS, Android and Windows) make their apps more powerful, more quick, more affordable, more reliable – more everything, really.

“Azure Mobile Service, that’s my jam,” Luna says. ”Notification Hubs, too. What’s great about these services is they’re so complimentary. Mobile Services is basically a back-end in a box – data storage, user authentication, push notifications and a scripting environment for adding business logic. Notification Hubs provides a massively scalable push notification engine for delivering millions of personalized notifications in minutes, regardless of platform or what back-end an app is using.”

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