New blog ‘The Fire Hose’ gives inside look at latest Microsoft news


Microsoft is home to amazing people who come to work every day determined to change the world with technology. And we have the awesome job of telling their stories. Whether showing off the Microsoft Envisioning Center or explaining how Microsoft technology is being used to fight tuberculosis in India or not letting our colleagues be so quiet about building the City of the Future, we have an incredibly rich topic to mine – our company.

Our goal is to tell stories big and small. And as the Microsoft News Center moves forward, we want to continue to become more responsive to the day’s news and tell those stories when people are interested – not after the news cycle has moved on. We want to be more aggressive about finding and breaking news, and more aggressive about lending our voice to the news of the day. We want to be seekers of information, not just receivers of it.

With that aim, News Center is launching a new blog called The Fire Hose. The purpose of the blog is to cover the latest developments across the company. We will leverage the great content on the vast number of company blogs by curating and linking to the best stuff of the day. This means short, iterative posts combined with a mix of solid, in-depth storytelling.

The Fire Hose joins The Official Microsoft Blog, Next at Microsoft and Microsoft on the Issues in the News Center’s family of blogs. Here is a summation of the mission of each of our existing blogs:

The Official Microsoft Blog – Covers and adds context to top-level news from the company.

Microsoft on the Issues – Gives Microsoft’s perspective on the latest public policy and citizenship news in the tech industry.

Next at Microsoft – Provides an insider’s view of Microsoft with a focus on the latest technology and where it’s used inside and outside the company.

Each of our blogs is designed to serve different facets of our company, and we believe the addition of The Fire Hose will help us in our overarching mission to tell Microsoft’s story to the world. Have a look at our new blog. We hope you find it compelling, and we’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to e-mail the Microsoft News Center staff with feedback and suggestions on how to make it better.

Posted by Michael Wann
Director, Microsoft News Center

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