Microsoft Recognized as the No. 1 Global Workplace by the Great Places to Work Institute

I have been at Microsoft now since mid-1989. In that time, I have had the opportunity to do a variety of jobs; experience successes and failures, work with truly amazing people, and watch this company emerge as a force for good in the corporate environment and in the world at large. As I look around at our employees, I hope they have the same opportunities I’ve had. This company seems to produce new opportunities for people each and every day.

Being recognized as the number one global workplace by the Great Places to Work Institute is an honor. Our investments in our employees and the opportunities for them have not gone unnoticed. We are particularly proud of the work people get to do every day, and the impact we have on the world around us.

 Lisa Brummel, Chief People Officer, Microsoft Corp.

Lisa Brummel, Chief People Officer, Microsoft Corp. is flanked by Jose Tolovi, Jr. (left) and Robert Levering of the Great Places to Work Institute as she accepts the award for Microsoft as the World’s Best Workplace.

Take last year’s intern group in Windows – they became the first developers to build applications for Windows 8. There are not many places where students work on products with the reach of the most ubiquitous operating system in the world. However, it’s not the apps that made their internship memorable, it’s the fact that they got the chance to learn and grow and experience things they wouldn’t have experienced in other companies. This is a hallmark of Microsoft.  

A second example of great opportunity and innovation comes from our Xbox business. Ten years ago, we had only a fledgling PC games business. Since then, as a company and with the talented people in that group, Xbox has grown to be one of the most valued platforms in the entertainment arena. On top of this, we recently showed innovation with the Kinect product, which allows users to forgo controllers altogether. 

There are many more examples just like these. Some people say large companies aren’t nimble and can’t innovate. I beg to differ. At Microsoft, these are just the types of challenges that excite our employees and customers alike. I am extremely proud to be part of a company that is excited about changing, innovating and taking risks.

Beyond the impact employees get to make on our customers is the impact they can make on the community. Perhaps the most unique aspect of our workplace is the emphasis we place on social responsibility and giving back to the community. Just in the last year, we have donated nearly $950 million to the global community.

Along with corporate grants of cash and software, this includes employees who have set up their own non-profit foundations, employees who have chosen to donate time to a non-profit, and employees who’ve chosen to give money, money that is matched by Microsoft. Across the board and around the world, you will see this sort of selfless effort on behalf of the community for education, health and global welfare. Microsoft is a great combination of giving inward to a job and giving outward to the community. This blend is special, valuable, and demonstrates the holistic view we have of “doing business” in the world.

All said, we have accomplished a great deal, but there is more to do. Microsoft is a great community, and the voice of the employee will continue to drive us forward. Today, we’ll celebrate being the number one best global company to work for.

Posted by Lisa Brummel
Chief People Officer, Microsoft

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