‘Amazing Experiences’: Kinect for Xbox 360 Moves to Windows with upcoming SDK

Kinect for Xbox 360 was launched in November 2010. In a few short months, it has become the fastest-selling consumer electronics device in history. The device has captured the hearts and minds of millions. It has also sparked the imagination of creators around the world who see tremendous opportunity to create new experiences with the technology.

Later this spring, Microsoft will release a non-commercial Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK) from Microsoft Research to encourage the freedom to dream and create amazing experiences with natural user interfaces (NUI). We believe the combined creativity of Microsoft and the academic research and enthusiast communities will lead to new experiences that will transform our relationship with computers.

At MIX11, an annual developer conference hosted by Microsoft, the power and potential of Kinect was center stage.

The excitement is contagious. Craig Mundie has referred to Kinect as the next big incarnation in computing. It is the beginning of a journey to make technology more natural to use. We believe that Kinect can be more than just a great platform for gaming and entertainment. It opens up enormous opportunities that span everything from delivering new personal experiences to addressing societal challenges in the fields of healthcare and education. We are in a world where technology is becoming more invisible, made possible by combining sensory inputs (touch and voice) with the knowledge of what you’re trying to do (contextual awareness), where you are and what is around you (environmental awareness), 3D simulation and anticipatory learning, and more.

Microsoft has made deep investments in NUI—it’s part of the company’s long term strategy to create experiences where technology understands us, so we don’t have to understand it. We’re looking forward to the delivery of the Kinect for Windows SDK later this spring, and we can’t wait to see what people create next.

For more updates and information on the Kinect for Windows SDK, check out the Microsoft Research website.

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Posted by Steve Clayton
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