Cloud Computing Discussion in Italy

Microsoft Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, visited with customers, partners and media in Milan today, to discuss how businesses can benefit from Microsoft’s cloud computing technologies. Joining Turner in the conversation were CIOs from two Microsoft customers, Giulio Siccardi of Bambin Gesu Hospital and Marco Rulent of European University Institute, who are currently using Microsoft cloud services. This group discussed how the cloud increases knowledge worker productivity, by allowing employees to gain access to their data and applications anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Andrea Pescino, CEO of the Microsoft partner Softjam was in attendance and discussed the market transition towards cloud computing and benefits to IT solution partners of enhancing their business model to support customers who are moving to the cloud.

A key point of the conversation was the ability for organizations of all sizes in the public or private sector to remove barriers to IT usage through cloud computing. It was noted that specifically for small and medium businesses, cloud computing provided an opportunity to leverage IT in ways that weren’t cost effective in years past because cloud computing allows customers to pay only for the computing they use while also scaling IT capacity up or down almost instantaneously as circumstances require. These transformative changes enable customers like Bambin Gesu Hospital and the European University Institute to cut costs while improving business productivity.

By Microsoft Blog Editors

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