Twitter Transition: New @MSFTNews handle

Thanks for taking a moment to check out two big developments regarding the @microsoft Twitter handle.

For the past year or so, we’ve been tweeting about all kinds of Microsoft news on @microsoft. If you are one of our followers, thank you.

On Wednesday, November 3, we are changing the name of our Microsoft news twitter feed from @microsoft to @MSFTnews. You will automatically remain a follower of our news feed, as this is just a name change to more accurately reflect the content of the feed. There’s nothing you need to do. The feed might look a little different, but don’t be alarmed. It’s just a name change.


Part of why we’re making this change is that we are launching a second twitter feed. This new feed will be the home for all of the exciting news, stories, testimonials and trends about Microsoft’s consumer products and services – Xbox, Windows 7, Bing, Windows Phone 7, Kinect, Halo: Reach, and more. This new consumer feed will be taking over our old twitter handle -- @microsoft.

You won’t automatically be following this new twitter account, so if you are interested in Microsoft’s consumer offerings, we encourage you to check it out beginning Wednesday, November 3, and follow it, too.

(To automatically follow the new @microsoft, just go to this current Twitter site, @ExperienceMSFT. The name of this site will change to@microsoft on Wednesday. If you sign up to follow @ExperienceMSFT now, you will automatically move to the new @microsoft.)


While there are individual Twitter profiles for each of our products, there has not been a place to share all of it with you, nor a place for you to share all of your stories with us.

On Wednesday, there will be.

The new @microsoft will give us the shared platform to post perspectives on what we think are the latest and greatest bits about each of the products. Tweet @microsoft and we will see your ideas, see your achievements and share in the stories that bring the entire community together.

So, on Wednesday, November 3:

@MSFTnews debuts (all current @microsoft followers automatically switch)

@microsoft is reborn as the new consumer-products focused location (you must sign up, join, or follow @ExperienceMSFT now to automatically switch on Nov. 3rd)

Thanks for following Microsoft!

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