New community for Business Intelligence and Analytics: BizIntelligence.TV

The issue that most organizations have with data today is not that they have too little but rather that they have too much.

The average organization sits of terabytes of information that it could turn into an incredible competitive advantage, if only it knew how to capture it properly and how to provide it to its employees into a digestible and actionable set of insights.

Over the last few decades, best practices have emerged and leaders across the world have started to share their knowledge. In order to accelerate this knowledge exchange, we have created BizIntelligence.TV.

BizIntelligence.TV is a weekly web-based show that allows leaders like you to hear from industry luminaries and interact with them via comments or emails. Each show lasts less than 10 minutes, and is designed to provide you and your employees with actionable best practices.

Here is a quick introduction to the show!

What to expect from the show

If you are in the retail industry, you will appreciate Debra Jensen’s perspectives on ‘near-real-time’ data and operational excellence. As the CIO of Jack-in-the-Box and recently named IT Executive of the Year, Debra is helping Jack-in-the-Box successfully operate a business model change from company-owned to a franchisee-led. The interview will give you insights into best practices for world-class customer experience and operationally sound decision making.

You’ll also want to hear from Tony Scott, Microsoft’s CIO and how his IT organization drives performance. In this interview, Tony, who was named in CIO magazine’s Hall of Fame for his vision and leadership, reminds us of the core principles of a performance-driven culture:

· Get clear on your goals by spending the necessary time upfront to avoid confusion and conflicting direction.

· Zero-in on accountability – avoid misunderstandings and miscommunicated expectations.

· Make sure that you are measuring and modeling the right behaviors, rather than the ‘right’ measures.

Upcoming shows feature the stories of Tesco, Carlsberg and many more. Note that we also aspire to cover more generic topics such as “Business Intelligence in the Cloud” - a show that you can already catch here!

Stay up to date with the show by subscribing here, and don’t hesitate send us your comments or nominate stories by emailing

If you’d like to meet to discuss subjects or talk about Analytics at large, you can catch me after my keynote at the Predictive Analytics World conference this week in Washington D.C (more information here).

Posted by Bruno Aziza
Lead Strategist, Business Intelligence.

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