Windows Phone 7 Recap

Earlier today Microsoft announced the details for availability of Windows Phone 7. The announcement was made at an event in New York by Steve Ballmer that then segued into global announcements in Europe and Asia/Pacific since the launch itself was relatively unique in that the phone is coming out in several markets globally. For all the details about features, availability, video of the phones and so on, see the Windows Phone 7 news site. One of the most interesting parts of the launch globally was Stephen Fry talking about the phone in London. For those who don’t know, Stephen Fry is a leading English author and actor who for many years was a partner in all kinds of acting roles with Hugh Laurie of ‘House’ fame. More importantly, Stephen Fry is a well-known and highly-critical gadget freak.

In all the excitement, some news outlets missed out on a few details or got them wrong. First off, the phones will be available in Europe and Asia/Pacific first. Specifically on October 21st. They then launch in the US on November 8th. Secondly, pricing for the AT&T phones will be $199 for all three models. T-Mobile hasn’t announced pricing yet for the Windows Phone 7 models it plans to bring out. You can find out more about the countries, mobile partners and phone models outside the US here.

Press reaction has been very excited with a universal recognition that Microsoft has done something different and right. Gizmodo has a great video look at some of the forthcoming apps. Tech Republic’s Tech Sanity Check blog has an excellent global perspective with a realistic look at things that make the Windows Phone 7 phones different and how it will stand out in the market. Fast Company looks at how Windows Phone 7 is outdoing some of its competitors in areas they thought of as strengths. Wired has a really interesting post about how the hardware has to meet standards to be approved for Windows Phone 7 and what those standards are.  GigaOM looked at the approach Microsoft is taking with Windows Phone 7 and why it is the right approach, even if risky, for coming from behind.

Understandably, the advertising is getting lots of attention. It’s clever, different and risk-taking in its own way. Mobile Marketing’s MoBlog discusses the campaign and how it could do. See for yourself.

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