Getting Ready for OpenWorld?

Lately, when speaking with our partners, I have been struck by how often I’ve heard that customers of ours, like The Linc Group, end up choosing Microsoft Dynamics after considering Oracle solutions. This got me thinking about Oracle customers preparing to head to OpenWorld to get up to speed on Fusion Applications. 
If I were attending OpenWorld, and hoping to learn more about Fusion, here are a few questions that would be top-of-mind for me. 

  • What are Fusion Applications going to do for me? Is Oracle offering me more of the same or something innovative and different to help address my business challenges?
  • What happens to the investments I have made in my technology assets [e.g. home-grown solutions, custom ISV solutions, etc.] if they’re not Oracle?
  • Will Oracle support any retraining I will need as we undertake a replatforming project to Fusion Applications? Will it distract from the everyday running of my business?
  • Is adopting Fusion Applications a choice, a mandate, is it designed to keep me on the cutting edge, or is Fusion really a way for Oracle to integrate their own application portfolio?
  • If I prefer a two-tier ERP implementation strategy, will Fusion Applications provide my divisions/subsidiaries/branches with the flexibility they need, while I’m replatforming my core system?

At Microsoft Dynamics, we are always asking how we can provide better innovative alternatives to address our customers’ business challenges.  We have many examples of customers, who after asking the tough questions of Oracle, decided that Microsoft Dynamics provided more value for their business. To read more about a few of these customers, and to learn about the reasons why businesses have selected Microsoft Dynamics over Oracle applications, visit:

For an extended blog post, please visit “Executive Insight,” a place where Microsoft Dynamics executives share their thoughts with the Microsoft Dynamics community.

Michael Park
Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) Sales, Marketing and Operations

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