Weekend Reading: Imagine Cup Winners and more

It’s been a busy week full of fireworks, drama, recrimination and tears. And that’s just the media circus around LeBron James. Back in the real world we had just as much drama in a competitive but totally positive way at the Imagine Cup 2010. Highlights include the winners, a message from the First Lady, Michelle Obama and more.

It was also a short week in the US because of the July 4th holiday but some of the groups around Microsoft still had time to let off a few firecrackers. Take a look at what you can do (seriously – it’s worth a look) with the new PowerPoint. And Lauren Woodman led the Microsoft team hosting the Education Leaders Forum in Warsaw.

Not to be outdone, our friends at the Seattle Post Intelligencer wrote a fascinating piece about some Microsoft research that is leading to displays of the future and Newsweek had a great piece about Microsoft’s work on healthcare systems.

Have a great weekend!

Posted by Owen Linderholm


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