2010 Tech Trends; Microsoft CIO Shares Some Thoughts

Posted by Dominic Carr
Director, Microsoft News Center.

What's going to be on the mind of CIO's in 2010? January is the month for looking back at the successes and challenges of the year just gone, and for looking forward to the opportunities of the new year.  In our personal life, many of us are probably focused on getting fit, spending more time with family or learning a new skill.  But we'll also be tacking stock professionally.  What are our professional challenges and plans?   

Microsoft CIO Tony Scott took some time recently to think about what the year ahead holds for him and the Microsoft IT team.  The challenges Tony faces will be familiar to many other CIOs and business leaders.  How can CIOs  contribute to cutting costs while also supporting the business need to innovate?  How can the IT team help to address the issue of environmental sustainability? What’s the right way to enable employees to collaborate and share information in real time?  How can we squeeze more insight from ever richer data sets? 

He's written an article and is interviewed in a video.  Tony's blog is one of many in interesting blogs you can find on the Because it’s Everybody’s Business site.  There are expert third party blogs along with blogs from Microsoft leaders.  Worth a read.

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