Intune App Installation Reports Explained

App deployment in the new Intune portal is pretty swish. There is a really nice admin experience for adding apps and deploying them out to users, and also some built in reports for tracking the status of deployment.

This is a short post is to explain the detail behind that report data which should clear things up if you are trying to track app deployment in a large environment.

The Donut Charts

The donut visuals that you see in App Overview blades are aggregated. This means, every 20 minutes Intune will summarize all the data in the Device Install Status report and use that to build a new donut. The same summarization schedule is used to produce a user-centric view of app installations in the User Install Status report and visualization.

So what does Installed, Not Installed and Failed mean? Here's a table to explain:

Status Device Report User Report Install Type
Installed The device assigned app is installed on the device The user assigned app is installed on all the user's devices Required + Available
Not Installed (Default) The device has received the app install policy, but installation hasn't succeeded or failed. This could be due to:

  • In-Progress installation
  • Uninstall Succeeded
The assigned app has a status of "Not Installed" on at least on of the user's devices Required
Failed The app started installing on the device but then failed The app started installing but then failed on one or more of the user's devices Required + Available


One key thing to note is that once you assign an app to a group of users, All status (including "Not Installed") will start off zero, then gradually increment as devices check in with Intune.

Additional App Status

Summary reports could also have  some other status's – these are not summarized into the donut views but will be visible in the reports blade:

Status Device Report User Report Install Type
Uninstall Failed The app failed to uninstall on a device The app failed to uninstall from at least one of the user's devices Uninstall
Unknown The device hasn't checked-in since the install assignment was applied / new version available None of the user's devices have checked-in since the assignment was applied Required
Not Applicable iOS app targeted to Android device and vice versa or the Requirements not met n/a Required


Bonus Script 

I've included a sample Powershell script that will pull down the install status for all of your Intune apps and whack the results into a CSV file so you can use excel to get fancy with your excel pivot tables.


Thanks to David Falkus for the help with this script. Go ahead and check out the other Intune Powershell samples on GitHub.

Happy reporting!

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