Configuring Google Chrome Settings with Intune and Android for Work

One of the great things about Intune supporting Android for Work now is the ability for Intune to deploy Application Configuration Policies. This means we can configure the chrome browser with things that are handy in the enterprise (Like configuring bookmarks for websites). This is a short post to detail the process of creating a working Application Configuration Policy for Chrome.

At the time of writing this, App configuration Policies for Android is only available in the Silverlight portal.

  1. Go to
  2. Ensure Android for Work is enabled and you have approved the Google Chrome App from the Play for Work store. After you have sync'd AFW with intune It should appear under Apps-> Volume Purchased Apps.
  3. Go to Policy -> Configuration Policies -> Add -> Mobile App Configuration Policy (Android for Work)
  4. Provide a name and description for the policy. PackageID =
  5. Paste in JSON with desired configuration. Here is an example:
  "kind": "androidenterprise#managedConfiguration",
  "productId": "",
  "managedProperty": [
      "key": "EditBookmarksEnabled",
      "valueBool": false
      "valueString": "[{\"toplevel_name\":\"Contoso Bookmarks\"},{\"url\":\"\",\"name\":\"Microsoft\"},{\"url\":\"\",\"name\":\"Favourite Blogs\"},{\"name\":\"Email services\",\"children\":[{\"url\":\"\",\"name\":\"GMail\"},{\"url\":\"\",\"name\":\"Outlook\"}]}]"

"Managed Bookmarks: The policy consists of a list of bookmarks whereas each bookmark is a dictionary containing the keys "name" and "url" which hold the bookmark's name and its target. A subfolder may be configured by defining a bookmark without an "url" key but with an additional "children" key which itself contains a list of bookmarks as defined above (some of which may be folders again). Google Chrome amends incomplete URLs as if they were submitted via the Omnibox, for example "" becomes "".

These bookmarks are placed in a "Managed bookmarks" folder that can't be modified by the user, but the user can choose to hide it from the bookmark bar. Managed bookmarks are not synced to the user account and can't be modified by extensions.

Starting with release 51, the folder name for the bookmarks is customizable by adding a {"toplevel_name": "some name"} list item."

Full Chrome documentation is here

Important note – to configure this in Intune you need to use slash \" as escape character rather than copying as stated in the chrome examples from the documentation.

6. Click Validate, if there are no errors click Save

7. When prompted, click YES to deploy it now – choose your deployment group.

8. Go to APPS -> Volume-Purchased Apps, Select Chrome Browser -> Manage Deployment. Deploy it to a group.

9. After you have enrolled your android device into Android for Work, you should be able to open the work version of the chrome browser (The one with the briefcase) and see the bookmarks configured.

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