What release was that in?

In the past I have seen blogs on version numbers matching to ConfigMgr release names and such and those have been handy for various things.  With our new release cadence I’m finding it hard to remember what feature is in a given release, however.  To that end I’m starting a table to look up and…


SCCM V.Next Community Evaluation Program

For those that may not have seen the news you may want to take a look at the SCCM V.next Community Evaluation program.  If you are accepted you will get some early builds of the product as well as an opportunity to provide some feedback to the product group.  The program nominations close Sept. 24th.

SCCM v.Next Beta coming soon

It looks like the open beta for the next version of SCCM is coming soon.  The Microsoft Connect website has a section where you can sign-up to get it once it comes out.  See https://connect.microsoft.com/ConfigurationManagervnext and sign-up.  Rumor is this month sometime it will be available.

SCCM v.Next slide deck

Many folks may know this but for those that do not I’m making this post. Microsoft has posted on Http://connect.microsoft.com a program for TAP nominations for “Configuration Manager vNext.”  If you have a passport account you can subscribe to the group with-out committing to any thing.  Once you have applied to this group you can…