How to manually clean your SCCM server roles off the box

Occasionally it becomes necessary to manually clean off a server of SCCM components.  When that becomes necessary I usually tell customers to just flatten and rebuild the box, but that is not always an option.  In those cases I have this mental list of things I go through to remove all the traces that SCCM/SMS could leave on the machine.  Not every machine will have all of these locations populated. Every scenario has its nuances so don’t blindly follow this if you want a clean box but consider if each item is relevant to what you are trying to accomplish. If you think I missed anything, comment below and I’ll update as appropriate.

  • File System
  • \Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager
  • \Program Files\SMS_CCM
  • \sms
  • \windows\ccm
  • \windows\ccmsetup
  • \windows\ccmcache
  • Registry
  • HKLM\software\Microsoft\sms
  • HKLM\software\Microsoft\ccm
  • HKLM\software\Wo6432Node\Microsoft\sms
  • HKLM\software\Wo6432Node\Microsoft\CCM
  • Services
  • SMS_executive
  • SMS_Site_Component_Manager
  • SMS_Site_Backup
  • SMS_Site_SQL_Backup
  • SMS_SITE_VSS_Writer
  • SMS Agent Host
  • WMI
  • root\sms
  • root\ccm
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  1. C:windowssystem32ccmcore.dll

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