Basic content deployment troubleshooting in SCCM 2012

I was recently asked to pull together a general starting point guideline on how to troubleshoot content deployment issues with SCCM 2012.  There is a lot that could go wrong, and the specifics for each scenario are different, but here is what I pulled together as a general starting point.


· Check Status in the UI

· Head to the logs

      • If you missed the time or no problems are obvious look "downstream" at pkgxfermgr.log
      • If you should have info but do not, look "upstream" at the parent site communication components (sender, scheduler)
    • Watch for lines with “STATMSG” in them where you see Sev=W or Sev=E
    • This are the error and warning status messages and help focus on problem points
    • Look just above them to see the real issue
  • Use CMTRace.exe and look for lines colored red

Additional info:

Comments (6)

  1. Your welcome. Thanks for the great post to start.

  2. Veera – Yes. You can use boot media to initiate the OSD process.

  3. Nawaz Kazi says:

    Very nice article.. Appreciate your efforts

  4. Veera says:

    Hi Mike,
    Can we do OSD without using the WDS and PXE, if possible tell me the steps?

  5. Tyler Mowreader says:

    Hi there, where can you look if your DP is functioning perfectly fine, but the Content Status display says that no DP’s are targeted for all your packages?

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