Application Catalog not working for everyone?

Today’s post isn’t a tip or trick per se, but rather an issue that is not well documented that I hit with a customer.

When you install ConfigMgr 2012 you will notice that .NET 4.0 is a pre-req.  If, after installing the site, you decide you want to want to put the Application Catalog Website and Application Catalog Web Service on the site server you will most likely need to install WCF, a sub-component of .NET 3.5.1.

This will cause you the first issue, as documented in KB2015129.  Apparently WCF install messes up .NET 4.  Easy fix to stop the flood of status messages is to run aspnet_regiis.exe /iru and then everything looks good, the error status messages stop, and all is good, right?  Maybe

For one customer of mine this seemed to do the trick, but for my other customer the results were mixed.  The status messages stopped and all seemed fine.  Domain admins could access the Http:\\<server>\CMApplicationCatlog website just fine, but other users would get a 401 error:  “Unauthorized: access is denied due to invalid credentials after launching Software Catalog.”  we tried various things but in the end found another article on the net with the final solution (sorry I can’t give credit, I can’t seem to find it again).  The final solution to all this was:

  1. Uninstall the Application Catalog Website and web service
  2. Run aspnet_regiis.exe /iru
  3. Reinstall the Application Catalog and web service
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  1. Dave Dixon says:

    Wow! Good tip Mike!

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