Find and fix those unhealthy clients!

While the ConfigMgr product has matured over the years the general category of client health continues to make admins curse.  For those that don’t know what I’m referring to (lucky folks), “client health” generally refers to making sure all the components, drive space, network connectivity, etc. is all in place so ConfigMgr can monitor and…


Got FEP 2010 and 30102, 30103 status messages?

I co-worker of mine pointed out a large amount of 30102 and 30103 status messages being generated by FEP 2010 clients.  If you run a status message query on your system you can see them, but nothing in the UI brings them to your attention by default.  They aren’t the most useful status messages. I…


WBEMTEST…, your easiest gateway into WMI

If you spend much time around Configuration Manager you become aware that a lot of it runs through WMI.  WMI is “Windows Management Instrumentation” and is essentially Microsoft’s implementation of a internet standard called Web Based Enterprise Management (WBEM). If you are doing task sequences and wanting to provide intelligent branching, digging into hardware inventory…


Fixing the 0x1 error with the Forefront Definition Update Tool?

OK, I will reveal one of my own skeletons today.  I have setup the FEP definition update tool several times for customers but in my own lab I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why it would not run correctly.  For those that don’t know, this is a tool run…


ConfigMgr 2012 RC is available

Heads-up to everyone out there.  The RC of System Center Configuration Manager 2012 is now availible for public download.  You can find it at  Notice how Forefront Endpoint Protection 2012 RC is also included.


Prompted Query to find machines based on MAC address

One of my customers asked me to build this example query and I figured I would share with everyone, not just one company.  it can be handy when you are doing OS Deployment testing and you need to look up a machine based on its MAC address to delete it so it becomes an “unknown…


What to do while you wait for ConfigMgr to process

Before System Center Configuration Manager was known as “ConfigMgr 2007” or “SCCM” it was Systems Management Server (SMS).  You have probably all heard the joke about what SMS stood for; Slow Moving Software.  Well, those that have not adjusted their lifestyles to suit the speed (and I will add, power) of the product now have…


Zune music backup

Last night I decided to tackle a minor, but annoying, problem in my household.  I have a Zune and I use my 10 credits every month to buy music that I like.  I don’t have physical media for these songs and perhaps I’m just old school, but I wanted physical copies of my music as…


ConfigMgr, OSD, and MAK keys

Today’s post falls into the category of things I feel a little guilty about posting, but I will anyway.  I’m not saying anything new here, just trying to spread the knowledge because I keep seeing customers hit the same problem, which has a simple solution.  If you want to skip reading my blog you can…


WUA can’t contact WSUS

I had an interesting case a few weeks back.  I was on-site going over various aspects of SCCM with a customer and we wanted to do some patch deployments in their test lab, which they previously setup.  I quickly became aware that many of their clients were not communicating with the WSUS machine to scan…