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Hi and Hello.  I’m a Premier Field Engineer here at Microsoft specializing in System Management Server (SMS) and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).  I’m starting up this blog to share some of the many tips and tricks I learn about while working here at Microsoft, and specifically with SMS and SCCM.  I hope to help others through sharing of these things.

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  1. Hi Mike.

    What you want to do can be done with the correct SCCM Admin UI permission settings.  Unfortunately, UI permissions are not the easiest thing to figure out in this product.  If you have a Microsoft premier contract contact your TAM and there is a document that can help you on this.  I'll make a note to try and do a blog post on the topic also to see if I can help you and others cut through the complexity.

  2. Mark – I apologize, I missed replying to your comment.  There doesn't appear to be any direct question.  SMS/SCCM complex and powerful product.  It sounds like you are just missing a simple setting somewhere but pinpointing which setting would require more details.  If you haven’t got it by now I suggest a call to our support folks or contacting your Premier Technical Account Manager (TAM).

  3. mike says:

    I just turned on comments so folks could more easily post or ask for clarifications if necessary.

  4. Mark says:

    Being new to SCCM I have tried to send out installations to machines following the steps in the wizard. I have found of the software I have tried (some simple and some not so simple) to distribute non seem to succeed. I have tried by setting expirary dates or not. I also find that the machines ack the software in a report but on the same (second line) they indicate fail.


  5. Mike Donovan says:


    We are implementing SCCM in a large organization.  I am looking for a resource on securing collections.  The concern here is that we want subcollections accessiblility to be limited to the pertinent group.  We also want to prevent non read operations being performed on default collections.  Seems like alot of damage could be done by a misapplied policy.

    Perhaps I am pursuing the security incorrectly.  I am open to suggestions.

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