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Something that I recently learned from a colleague of mine was how to create a search folder in SCCM to show all the software updates required by client machines.  It is non-intuitive, but in my testing it does seem to work.

Under Software Updates –> Update Repository –> Search Folders you should create a new search folder.  For the Criteria choose “required” and for search text type 1 and hit add, then 2 and hit add, 3 and it add, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.  For search options select to search all folders under this feature.  Give it a name and save it.

This doesn’t make sense to me but, as an example, by adding a 7 then any number starting with a 7 will be picked up (7, 70, 700, 723, 72, etc).  Since you add each digit all numbers will complete the query and all results will show up for each patch.

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  1. Hi Skoog.  It sounds like your query may bring back things which may not necessarily be needed in your environment.  Nothing wrong with that, just a possible explanation.  Whatever criteria works for you is the best one.  🙂

  2. Skoog says:

    I've always used the All Microsoft Approved search (Bulletin ID=MS, Expired=No, Superseded=No), but this might work better (or in addition to) in that it's a smaller deployment package.  I created the search with your criteria and got 1210 items found; which is less than the "All Microsoft Approved" method which found 1312 items.

    Your search is including expired and superseded items which you would not want.  By adding the criteria Expired=No and Superseded=No I'm down to 927 items.  Maybe adding the criteria Required as you have it, to the All Microsoft Approved search approach is a best of both worlds.  Maybe adding it to the monthly updates search has benefits as well.

  3. Nick Cochran says:

    This is an older thread but you can also use [^0] to return all non-zero values.

  4. Andy T says:

    Or enter [^0]

    Which basically does a greater than 0

  5. moataz says:

    Or you can exclude Zero by [1-9] add

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