ConfigMgr Admin permissions

Setting up different levels of Admin UI permissions for SMS or SCCM is not always straight forward and obvious.  It is, however, fairly flexible and granular.  I’m not going to cover how to get console connectivity, as I think that is well covered elsewhere on the internet.  Things like membership in the SMS Admins group…


Command shell auto-complete

Today’s trick is one of those things that those that know think everyone knows, and those that don’t know never get told about.  It is the ability to do auto-complete from a command prompt. The command shell (you know, cmd.exe) has an awareness of file and folder structure.  You can use this to your advantage…


Fixing an OSD “oops”

There is a story that goes around PFE circles and that I have told myself so many times I’m starting to wonder if it is true or legend.  The story is about a SCCM admin who is testing a failing Win7 deployment against his test machines with OSD and is so tired and frustrated that…


SCCM 2007 R3 released!

SCCM 2007 R3 released today.  I don’t see a RTM download yet, but it should be on the web this afternoon it seems.

Are you Intune?

Working in the System Center space I occasionally I get asked about management of environments that don’t really fit the world that SCCM focuses on.  SCCM is not a cost effective solution for many small businesses and with a top scale of 200,000 clients (soon to increase with R3 release) there are a few very…

SCCM V.Next Community Evaluation Program

For those that may not have seen the news you may want to take a look at the SCCM Community Evaluation program.  If you are accepted you will get some early builds of the product as well as an opportunity to provide some feedback to the product group.  The program nominations close Sept. 24th.

It is all relative

I have encountered several customers where something I thought was well understood wasn’t as clear as I thought, and that is relative paths and working directories.  In an effort to help the SCCM community I will try to explain it all here. When you are writing a batch file to control some kind of software…


An alternative way to handle Forefront updates

I was with a customer recently who found management of their Forefront updates to be problematic and they were looking for an alternative method to the general recommendation (  They had actually come to this idea on their own then asked my input, but if they had asked me first this is the same solution…


Keep that inventory under control

Inventory settings are site wide yet there are times when you want a class of hardware inventory collected for all machines EXCEPT a few (for example, some kiosk machines where many folks are logging in with new and separate profiles).  To handle that there is a handy write-up at that will allow you to…

SCCM v.Next Beta coming soon

It looks like the open beta for the next version of SCCM is coming soon.  The Microsoft Connect website has a section where you can sign-up to get it once it comes out.  See and sign-up.  Rumor is this month sometime it will be available.