Business Rules

Nowadays there is a lot of pressure on the middle tier of the three tier stack from both the database and the smart client. If technologies such as Yukon allow all the code to run in the databases is the business tier of logic required? Whilst the actual physical implementation of the business tier as…


Electricity as a Managment tool

Physical phenomenon can not only be used as a valuable architectural training aid but they are also useful for management training, especially handy when trying to free up budgets!   I was talking yesterday about designing power supplies for TV monitors and some of the hazards associated with that. Testing 25Kv power supplies and CRT’s…


Danger as an architectural teaching mechanism

Yesterday I postulated that an engineering training is valuable in architecture because it teaches cross domain skills, and in some cases reinforces these with physical harm or danger; a very effective teaching aid!   A good example of this was an experience I had soon after I graduated, well before the PC era. I was…



Thinking again about the writing course I was on the other day we were told that one of the most important things you can do to make writing more understandable is to simplify things. I think that is a good principle in general, I have been to architectural reviews where the proposed solution is so…


Architectural Infrastructure and Reliability

I really like architecting highly available systems; I think they are the most architecturally demanding. In fact serious performance and scalability issues often result in poor reliability or availability. The standard way to build a highly available system is to cluster however I prefer to start with a queued approach and then cluster as appropriate….


Being a Architectural Hero

Architecture is great because it is so easy to look like a hero. I talked about earlier in this blog about looking like a hero with a poorly architected application but there are lots of other ways that bad architectural decisions can make you look like a hero. In particular uninformed consultants are a rich…


Architectural Skills

So if Architecture is a skill that can be taught then can it be lost? I think it can in a very strange way, not through the passage of time but by a radical change in environment. I came to this conclusion after working with a customer in Spain.   This customer built event management…


Architectural thinking

In my last blog I hypothesised that Architectural analysis is slightly different from developer analysis and so needs a subtly different skill set and way of thinking. To demonstrate what I mean let me describe a real life example of an architectural problem and different solutions.   I was called up late one Friday afternoon…