Events, Events Events!

So looking through my calendar for the next couple of weeks I have a ton of presentations to give and events to attend. First of all tomorrow at 2pm BST I am giving my Integration and Interop presentation, latest version, as a webcast which should be interesting. I have given this presentation as a 2.5…


HIS 2004 SP2 ships

and is available from . All the fixes rolled up into one! Cant wait to see if some of the bugs that have been irritating me have been fixed.  


Interop Technet event post mortem

So last Thursday I did my first Technet evening interop event based on Simon Guests Interop slides. It was a small and select audience and went reasonably well (I hardly ever feel things go very well). As always I was worried about not enough material and as always there was far too much. In fact…


Infrastructure layers

Following onfrom my blog yesterday I have collated all the feedback I got (Thanks!) and came up with these major levels and elements in the levels:   Hardware 1.    Hardware (routers, servers, client devices, wireless, storage (SANS / NAS)) Network 2.    Networks (Protocols, DNS / Bind, Wireless, VPN, VOIP, dynamic routing) 3.    Directory (LDAP, AD,…


Technet Event on Interop

On Thursday next week I am presenting at a Technet Evening on Interop and so am putting the talk together. I don’t particularly want to go into a huge amount of detail on each Microsoft Interop product but want to give a structure or architecture for thinking about interop, talk about the issues at each…


Mainframe Interop using SLI

Simon has just published an article about mainframe interop using Screen logic Integration (SLI). In it he very clearly describes the various ways of interfacing to a mainframe before drilling down into SLI. I am a big Business Logic Interface (BLI) fan and dislike SLI as an approach but it does have its uses (e.g….


Billg on Interop

Last week Bill Gates wrote an email about interop which is interesting because emails from Bill indicate a strong interest by Microsoft J) His interop premise was threefold: 1. The need for interop will never go away. 2. The only way interop had worked in the past has been through interfacing software and hard work;…


Host Integration Server 2004 IP DLC Setup, dependant connection configuration and test

Three weeks ago I did a demo of the Host Integration Server 2004 IP DLC setup and configuration at the UK IT Forum in Birmingham. I have now recorded the dependant (3270) connection as a two part 3 minute blogcast:   Part 1: Setting up the IP DLC Link. Part 2: Configuring and testing a…


Interoprability and HIS webcasts

So January is interop month at Microsoft: HIS 2005 are doing a number of webcasts  as part of that: TechNet Webcast: HIS Bi-directional Transaction and Data Inter-op Between Windows and IBM Mainframe Systems (Level 200) Thursday, February 03, 2005 – 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Pacific Time Stan Murawski, Technical Mainframe Evangelist, Microsoft Corporation…


Mainframe at IT Forum

I am giving the HIS talk at the UK IT Forum on Jan 13 in Birmingham and so am busy preparing. The product group have been incredibly helpful and the webcasts make a huge difference from the last time I did a HIS talk (COMTI Cedar Bank Demo). I am going to do some blogcasts as…