Adding Products to S+S

So now I can add some of the Microsoft Product set to my table:




Name Consumer Enterprise
Sales Marchitecture Web 2.0 SOA
Service Software
Saas Servers
Live Windows
Conceptual Application Mashups   Composite apps  
Collaboration Social Network Spaces, Sharing SPS
Communication Discussion Mail, Xbox, Messenger, Spaces, Bots email Exchange, LCS
Discovery Tags Favorites    
Search Search Search, Knowledge, QnA Search SPS, Search
Reputation Trust      
Identity Relationship Live ID Idm AD
Content Video and Audio Local, Video, xbox, Office Documents Office, WMP
Logical Design tools Machinima   Flash Expression
Tools ROR   VS Visual Studio
Process     BEPL Biztalk
Language Dynamic   pseudo compiled c#, VB
Frameworks Ajax Atlas .Net .Net
Services Atom ESS WS* WCF
Physical Service SaaS Live Server Server
Device Devices Windows Client Windows

Pretty impressive. Bet noone else else has coverage like this!

Comments (2)

  1. neilwd says:

    Mike, this looks interesting but I’m a bit confused by your iterations hee. When you put "Web 2.0" under "consumer" and "SOA" under "enterprise", are you saying that Web 2.0 technologies and concepts have no place in the enterprise? Likewise, for SaaS? (If so, what about 😉

    Maybe I’m reading too much into this. When you use the labels "consumer" and "enterprise" are you referring to customer segments for the IT industry, or something else?

    I guess what I’m saying is that some narrative would help me figure out what you’re getting at… 🙂

    Neil Ward-Dutton

  2. Michael Platt says:

    Yup, you are right and it could do with narrative, Its more a stream of conciousness thing. Yes, you are reading a bit too much into it which is why I put marketecture as the description next to the slides. Basically I am lumping the names we have into the areas they are used in in general today as a taxonomy rather than being very exact about it or doing any forecasting. So typically most saas and web 2.0 are in the consumer space today, there are clearly exceptions like salesforce and I am not saying where they will end up although I do belive that there is an "Enterprise 2.0" going to happen.

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