The Opportunity for Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

  Dislocations cause business opportunities, new marketplaces and new models of commerce. This latest dislocation is no different than previous dislocations as can bee seen from the huge number of small dynamic startups that there are in the Web 2.0 space. As in previous dislocations we will see many of these business techniques and technologies…


The Service Platform

  The Consumer web (Web 2.0) and the enterprise Web (SOA) both have value and applicability, the consumer web where responsiveness and scale are important the enterprise web where security and integrity are paramount. It is highly unlikely that organizations will either replace all their present systems or find the security and data integrity available…


Disruption in the IT market

  So how has this disruption effected the IT market? In this context we have to think of the market as being the Enterprise Market and the Consumer Market. The Enterprise can in turn be thought of as two different parts; the Business element and the IT Organization. The IT groups in enterprises have been…


Service Component Architecture

  So yet again I think I must be stupid because I don’t understand the whole Service Component Architecture thing. It looks like a programming model (e.g. set of API’s) to build web services. I thought that’s one of the many things that J2EE was meant to be supplying. Anyway Microsoft already has that with…


The New Marketing

As I have commented on before the disruption that is taking place in the consumer space that is commonly called web 2.0 will rapidly move into the enterprise and cause massive dislocations in product development, marketing, sales, support and training. The first hit will be marketing, indeed I am already having meetings with “Directors of…


The Next Disruption

  We are entering a time of rapid change in the IT industry which will cause considerable disruption and change in business, IT companies and the way that people perceive and use technologies. This dislocation is similar to the PC and internet revolutions in terms of scope and effect, touching millions of people, huge marketplace,…


Broswer / Client War part 1 million.

 The “browser can do everything” vs “one (old) size wont fit all” argument rumbles on with Robert and Tara (love the picture) on one side and Joe and Ryan on the other. I remember when the PC was first attached to the Mainframe using a 3270 card I took a job working on a project…


Experience And Service

The snag with my previous diagram was that there was a big oval called delivery that S+S didnt address. Ray has just fixed that by describing the Experience Hub at the Microsoft’s annual Finacial Analysts event. He also rolled up Software + Services into the Software Platform so we now have: :    Brilliant!  


A diagram for Software + Services

On the principle that a picture is worth a thousand words here is how Software + Services fits together:  


Adding Products to S+S

So now I can add some of the Microsoft Product set to my table:   Model   Name Consumer Enterprise Sales Marchitecture Web 2.0 SOA Service Software Saas Servers Live Windows Conceptual Application Mashups   Composite apps   Collaboration Social Network Spaces, Sharing SPS Communication Discussion Mail, Xbox, Messenger, Spaces, Bots email Exchange, LCS Discovery…