After the big picture: The details

For the last six months I have been working on strategic architecture and what the future architectures for the business will look like. I have examined the drivers in the Business, Social and Technical space and how they will impact organizations both internally and more importantly externally by providing a whole new business area that I am calling customer lifecycle management. I have defined provided a high level architecture (Edge) which supports the new business models and in particular customer lifecycle management and listed the most important projects in the customer lifecycle space that organizations need to be working on.


Having examined the whole scope of the domain I now need to drill down into each of the project areas and their use of the Edge Architecture pillars with real organizations and real projects, looking at the nuts and bolts of the implementation details. Going forward I will be focusing more on building storyboards, schemas and pilots of these projects to ensure that my assumptions are correct and to learn how to build these new Enterprise 2.0 / Customer lifecycle management systems.


I might come back to do some more write up of the whole strategic architecture / customer lifecycle management areas but the essential creative thinking is now done for me. Now its down to the details.

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