EA and EIT as a heuristic approach

Following on from my post about the problems with Enterprise Architecture Andrew McAfee agrees with me about the issue in this post but suggests a heuristic approach to solving the problem. Whilst I am a great beliver in the whole Web 2.0 wisdom of the crowds meme I agree somewhat with Nick Carr that it…


After the big picture: The details

For the last six months I have been working on strategic architecture and what the future architectures for the business will look like. I have examined the drivers in the Business, Social and Technical space and how they will impact organizations both internally and more importantly externally by providing a whole new business area that…


Strategic Architecture rather than Enterprise Architecture

  Inside Microsoft we have a twice yearly set of technical training for the people in the field called Tech Ready. I have just signed up to do a session and was looking through the list of other session to see what else was being covered. I noticed that there were quite a lot of…


Product and Consumer Lifecycles in Enterprise 2.0

I have been thinking more on the topic of the customer lifecycle and its interrelationship with the product (or business) lifecycle. This diagram shows how these two connect today at the sales and shipping touch points.       The main elements in the product lifecycle are the design and development of new products, the…


Satisfied Customers: Customer Lifecycle Management

  Thinking more on the customer lifecycle management as opposed to product lifecycle management I realize that in focusing exclusively on the revenue side of things I am missing a very important point about customer satisfaction. Most enterprises realize that customer satisfaction is critical to the organization. Certainly we here at Microsoft measure our customer…


Slime mould and the Mechanical Turk

  Following on from my thoughts about the flexible enterprise and slime moulds an interesting article from wired about crowdsourcing and the rise of mechanical Turk look-alikes. There is even someone selling $20 sheep which were created on Mturk for 2 cents. What a strange world it is going to be!


IBM on Innovation

  IBM run a Spark type event called the Global Innovation Outlook where they went round the world holding meetings and inviting senior thought leaders to discuss global issues, the results of which they have published here. The three topics they covered were the future of the enterprise, energy and the environment and transport and…


Mobile 2.0 in the Enterprise

  Someone sent me this  link about Mobile 2.0,  the conjunction of community and mobile and whilst I agree that tagging will clearly be important as the article suggests location awareness with be the cause of growth.   I had a look at this area a while ago, there are some interesting MoSoSo games coming out…


Web 2.0 in Businessweek

  Robert Hof has an interesting top story in BusinessWeek about Web 2.0 in the Enterprise which talks about how organizations should start getting involved in Web 2.0. Alas yet again he focuses on the intra enterprise uses rather than the extra enterprise applications. Soon we will be seeing articles about the use of Web…


Enterprise 2.0: ecustomer

  I gave (another) presentation about Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 this afternoon and struggled to get the point across to the audience, particularly with regard to the concept of a transparent enterprise and Enterprise 2.0. It seemed that the idea of a new type of enterprise was just too big a leap for the…