Strategy Workshops: IT as a Business enabler


As part of my Web 2.0 / Edge work I have been visiting a number of customers and interestingly enough most are interested in a 1-2 day strategy workshop around IT as a business enabler for the future. I haven't really done anything like this before so I have had to come up with my own workshop format which goes something like this:


First Half day

Vision for the company

Company culture

Customers / consumer types and attributes

Revenue models

"Product" Lifecycle in customer

Present products

Products in development

Systems, architectures and technologies in use


Second Half day

Opportunity areas

Selection criteria for opportunities

Detailed opportunities (5 or 6)

Opportunity stank Ranking and Rating


Third Half day

For top two or three ranked opportunities:

Description and outline storyboard

Technical investment


Action plan / responsibilities and dates


This seems to work pretty well for me.

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