Just returned from presenting Edge at the Regional Architect Forum in Mexico. I've been to Mexico before but not Mexico city so it was an interesting and fun trip but I passed on the ants eggs and grasshoppers. The cactus soup was excellent however.

I did an Edge presentation with an updated slide deck more in the "Beyond Bullet Points style" (More on this later) which went Ok and then a breakout for discussions.

In the breakout I tried an experiment with the audience and asked them to write down their top three architectural issues / questions and then I took them and grouped them into buckets. This is what I got in order of number of priority (highest number of responses first):


  1. How do I build a flexible and agile architecture

  2. When should I use a smart client

  3. Where is Architecture going and how do I demonstrate it's value

  4. How do I integrate legacy systems


Then there were a bunch of singletons around security, maintenance, availability, communications and Informix (!). An interesting set of issues.

I then spent the rest of the session answering the questions.


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