Presentation 2.0: Beyond Power Point

  The Architect Strategy Team here at Microsoft has suddenly gone gung ho over a new presentation style called “Beyond Bullet Points” from Cliff Atkinson (here’s one by Ron for example). Having looked through a few presentations in this style and also watched Dick Hardt’s totally amazing Identity 2.0 talk at Etech I felt that it was time…



Just returned from presenting Edge at the Regional Architect Forum in Mexico. I’ve been to Mexico before but not Mexico city so it was an interesting and fun trip but I passed on the ants eggs and grasshoppers. The cactus soup was excellent however. I did an Edge presentation with an updated slide deck more…


Microsoft Live

I think this is a really excellent article:


Enterprise 3.0 at DrKW

Vin sent me a link to this article by Phil about Enterprise 3.0 at DrKW and their 4 pillars of Enterprise 3.0 which, as he pointed out, are very similar to the 4 pillars of Edge: Publishing = Rich Content Discovery = Discovery Fulfilment = Relationship Management Conversation = Collaboration Of course they  are also referred…


Web 2.0 in the Army

Who says that there is no place for Web 2.0 in the enterprise? Here is a great example from the US Army.


Enterprise 2.0

  In the last week there has been a ton of discussion around the take up of Web 2.0 techniques in the Enterprise starting with a paper called “Enterprise 2.0: The Dawn of Emergent Collaboration ”  by Andrew P. McAfee of the Sloan business school which had a good description of the Web 2.0 phenomenon…


IBM on Architecture

 What is a software architecture? They use the IEEE standard. I still prefer my definition:  Characteristics of a Software Architect Again I think the MCA characteristics are better thought out and more measurable:


Luke on Spark

Luke Kowalski has blogged about his spark experience here: Thanks Luke!  


More Spark Blogging

  There have been a number of very interesting blogs come out recently as part of the Spark follow-up. Richard Veryard wrote about designing for uncertainty, a topic Steve Davis covered, Jeff Schneider’s model, which I must admit I preferred the hand drawn version, and what is an Enterprise which I blogged about earlier.   Finally…


IT’s Perfect Storm

I was sat in the office this afternoon talking about the changes in business and monetization, the changes in social computing and communities and the changes in technology that are supporting these and realized how far reaching and impact what is happening is going to be to businesses, people and products.   I then turned…