Someone told me about this at Spark but it has taken me this long to find the docs:

Because of the work I did in infrastructure and managment I have been sort of tracking the problems with WS-RF and WS-DM against WS-Managment and CIM so this was very interesting and much needed.

On a seperate thought however I wonder if it takes such a lot of effort just to track what is going on in the WS world how many people who have day jobs can keep up with all this. Has the whole WS-stuff got too complex?

Don Box and Tim Bray obviously think so. I guess I probably agree with them although I wouldnt call myself a Restafarian of either description (I have problems with Flemings take on state)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Following on from my post about being a Restafarian yesterday I thought this was amusing: …

  2. Tomas Restrepo says:


    Some of us have been asking ourselves this very question for quite a while. It really has become far more complex, not only because of the complexity of the whole stack, but also because each especification can be pretty complex.

    Another thing that doesn’t help much to this feeling is just how slow progress is made. Many specs have been (or have taken) a few years to be complete and ratified (if at all). I do realize this cannot be helped much, though it would be interesting to see more specs brought up from working implementations of ideas, instead of purely designed by committee to solve some abstract issues.

  3. Michael Platt says:

    Interesting, I hadnt thought of the second point but agree on both counts


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