Day One at Spark Las Vegas


Well the end of day one of Spark, the first half day anyway. Its great to meet up with a bunch of smart people who are really energized about Web 2.0, SOA and what is happening in the architecture space. The first half day was about understanding the environment out there and what the drivers are in the world of architecture.


The main thing that came across to me was the feeling that everyone had of the balance between freedom and control, Web 2.0 and SOA. The understanding and management of these levels of control were seen to be a key issue.


We came up with a few core principles that seemed to be driving the architecture of tomorrow:


First was that the user was the center of the universe and the facilitation of individuals and communities of users so they can have what they want when they want it was key.


Second was this whole area of the balance of control.


Third was how can we enable change and growth


And fourth was how do we do this in an environment of connectedness and scale.



An interesting and useful start. Today we will be looking at what are the models we can use to understand this space. More coming!

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    We wrapped up the SPARK architecture workshop late yesterday afternoon here in sunny Las Vegas.  This very intriguing event on the future of software architecture consisted of a two day conversation between some of the brightest people in softwa

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    Eine Zusammenfassung (von Mark Glikson) des interessanten Workshops fand sich in meinem Intray:

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    Blogs about spark so far:

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