Pre Spark Thoughts

 So I am down in Las Vegas in preparation for Spark this weekend and Mix next week. I am very excited to be doing Spark, it will be fantastic to gather many of the leading thinkers in SOA and Web 2.0 together to try and visualize what the architecture of the future will look like.

One of the exercises that we will be doing is to give an example or story about how the environment is effecting our thinking about architecture. We tried this on a number of the architects in the team and they had no trouble coming up with stories however I am struggling, there are so many things that I want to discuss that I am finding it difficult to come up with one story that captures them all.

I see so much happening in areas such as Second life, Bots, machinima, Podcasting, 10, smart devices, saas and higher level platforms, Meta data ect that its really difficult to come up with something that crystallizes it all in any coherent way. In the end I think I will just talk about the integration of Web 2.0 and SOA but I am not sure if that captures the excitement I feel for many of the new things going on in the consumer space.

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