Edge Manifesto

 Following from my last blog I wanted to write down what the motivation was behind the Edge Architecture and in the end it became more of a manifesto about what I believe and how I think the IT world is changing. It has the following 5 core values:


  • Community and collaboration are more important than organizations and contracts


  • Value and sharing are more important than price and ownership


  • Individual skill and contribution are more important than processes and tools


  • Relationship and trust are more important than security and laws


  • Flexibility and improvement are more important than plans and schedules


From these values the main parts of the Edge architecture flow and then from them a ton of really specific technical requirements. I will delve into these in more detail in later blogs.

Comments (4)

  1. Jimmy Nilsson says:

    Hi Mike,

    Ah, I had no I idea I was an Edge follower until now!


    Best Regards,




  2. Dion Hinchcliffe says:

    Very similar yet more refined than the Agile manifesto’s principles.  And right on.

    The tough part, of course, is making people understand how to map these general values onto specific requirements that are actionable.

    Dion Hinchcliffe

  3. Michael Platt says:

    I will be looking at how these map to architectural elements and then on to technolgies in subsequent postings


  4. Sharon says:

    It all fits with the premise of the ‘world is flat’ (and ‘world is spiky’ – http://www.joiningdots.net/research/articles/10_great_levellers.htm).

    I believe successful organisations in the future will be those who organise their business around projects and leverage network-based collaboration, within and beyond the organisation.  The I.T. dept needs to start thinking about designing solutions that go beyond the traditional enterprise boundaries, and that will require new architecture patterns.  The successful ones will embody the 5 core values you’ve called out.

    Good to see you posting again 🙂

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